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You must know that Google generally doesn’t like guest posting.
Now, this doesn’t mean I should not allow guest posts on my blog. Rather, it means that I need to be pickier. I don’t just accept guest posts because I think it will increase my traffic. I Accept them because the content will benefit my readers.
GiveMeReport is on tech related, health and beauty, SEO tips, education, finance, online money making, marketing, blogger tricks, coding and designs, How tos (DIY), diseases, conditions and treatment, computer and internet.
Here’s a general guideline to follow:
  • A bio should only contain 1 or 2 links – either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or his/her blog.
  • For guest bloggers or contributors, blog post should contain a maximum of 2 useful links – I don’t have a minimum number of links that should be in a post, but I do have a maximum, especially for free posting. People have written blog posts on almost every topic out there, so instead of regurgitating the same old information, link out to the sites that have already covered it. Product or service citation is not allowed. This also means, promotional terms not allowed in your content as guest blogger.
  • For Sponsored or paid contents, there is no maximum number of links – My only concern is that, those links should link to websites or sources that will benefit my readers, and links shouldn't be for advert purposes. Product or service citation is allowed.
  • Use relevant keywords related to your topic – There are hundreds of search engines online and the easiest way to attract them to your content is by writing original and rich contents with relevant keywords, especially long tail keywords. There are many free long tail keywords tools online you can use e.g. Instakeywords.com .
  • Your content has to fit in with my blog theme – For example, GiveMeReport is a blog about computer, marketing, tech related, blogger, blogging tips, health tips, beauty tips, sports and fitness, recipe, tutorials, coding, SEO, online money making opportunities. I won’t accept any guest posts outside of those topics, no matter how well they are written or from whom they are. Although my blog covers so many areas and topics online, you can as well message me on topic you want to write about but not listed above.
  • Spammy websites not allowed – Your content or bio should not be linked to spammy websites. This will result to the delete of your published content, and possibly have your contributor's account also deleted from my blog. Be warned.

The content must be detailed and unique

I would never accept content that isn’t detailed or unique. What I mean by detailed is that the content needs to be at least 1,000 words with no fluff. You can always make a post meatier by adding details and steps, so why not take an extra hour and write a unique blog post that will benefit me and you?
Lastly, guest authors who contribute to dozens of blogs have a tendency to continually spin content. They’ll take the same post topic and continually spin it so that they can guest post on more blogs. To combat this, I use free service like Copyscape, which will point out any duplicate or similar articles. For this reason, I have the right to delete any published post I suspect to be a spined content. Also, in my attempt to build a community of writers and readers, it is advisable you share your published content on any social media and you are expected to also reply readers commends on your post. This will encourage readers to share your content with friends.
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