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WRITE FOR US Are you a reporter, writer or guest-blogger? Do you have the passion? Are you good at digging out stories, news and vital pieces of information? Are you a sport analyst or a sport lover? Are you a computer geek or phone guru, do you know some tricks or tutorials to help our readers with? Can you cook? What else can you do to help our readers? Can you write in English or in your language? Well, if your language is among the list of languages in "Google Translate", then, you are welcome to Write For Us. We need contributors with passion and full of awesome ideas, wonderful writing skills. We do not want contributors who want to promote themselves to our readers. Givemereport readers need you to help them on useful posts related to Insurance, Health tips, Beauty tips, SEO tips, Gossips and reports around the world, Recipe, Blogging tips, Technology news, Hosting tips, Computer related and so on.

Guest Bloggers/ Contributors:
We are more strict in reviewing guest posts to make this blog look clean and decent. 

BENEFITS OF BEING A CONTRIBUTOR HERE: Gain more profile exposure, build back link to your website or blog by placing your website link in the Author's bio. Also links to your post.

=> WHAT WE DON'T ACCEPT: Promotional posts from our contributors. 

>>> Interesting posts with eye catching titles. 
>>> SEO friendly posts 
>>> Original and fresh contents.
>>> Share your published post(s) on Givemereport on social networks with your friends, to give your article a boost. 

Everyone is welcome to contribute on this blog.

  Are you still interested? Send us a message via below contact form, and it should be stipulated in the message, the reason for contacting us. You will be notified when your application is accepted. Please also add your Gmail to your message. I will need this email to connect you on Givemereport by sending you an invitation.

Becoming Part Of GiveMeReport Media Team:
Becoming part of our team of writers is very important to GiveMeReport Media. It goes beyond becoming our writer to becoming part of the family. We need reporters/ writers who enjoy writing and are ready to grow with us. We work hard to keep our readers updated with the latest happenings in all fields of life and we expect our writers and reporters to think like us and to see what we see. Let's grow together! Are you ready? Send us a message via below form and please specify in your message the reason for contacting us. Expect a message from us when your request is gratified.
=> Independent journalist, reporter and writer are welcome to use this blog to share story.

WARNING: As a writer or reporter, you should never promote a company, service, product or website in your post(s). All posts are reviewed even after going live, and we have the right to delete any published post or article that goes against our policy
. No copy and paste allowed. Be original with your content. No matter how little it may be. What matters is the message you relating to our readers. GiveMeReport Media does not tolerate copyright infringement from guest-bloggers. All posts are checked via CopyScape.

WRITING RULES: You can write on anything interesting i.e. news on technology, economics, politics, entertainment, sports, music, cooking or kitchen or recipes, seo, health, beauty tips, SEO, marketing, etc. Funny enough, readers expect some gist or gossips from you as a writer; they want to know what happened yesterday in your neighborhood. Readers want to know everything your eyes saw or your ears heard. They are always curious and we need you to feed their curiosity.

We need to categorize all posts under the right menu or categories according to the available options in the in our horizontal menu. Therefore, the use of "LABELS" by our writers is very important. Well, you can call it "TAG", but in blogger, we call it "LABEL". And as a writer, we expect you to be familiar with blogger writer's page or admin panel. Before publishing your post, please use any of the below labels in your post to help categorize your post e.g. Did you write anything about Serena Williams? Then, you should use "Sport" as label. It automatically categorizes your post under "Sports" as a category. Please don't forget to use capital letter where needed in your label(s).

-For news on politics, education, technology, economy, business and weird story, please use "News" as label.

-For news on tennis, rugby, soccer, NBA, boxing and others, please use "Sports" as label.

-For post on music, video, celebrity gossip or entertainment news, please use "Entertainment" as label.

-For post on weight lose, beauty and aging, cure or treatment, disease or sickness, diet and so on, please use "Health" as label.

-For post related to search engine optimization, website traffic tips, how to build backlinks, please use "SEO" as label.

-For DIY or do it yourself posts, how to posts, tutorials, please use "How to" as label.

It is very imperative that you have at least one photo or image in your post to help throw more light on your message. Please, no unlicensed or copyright protected photo or image is allowed on GiveMeReport Media. You can get royalty free stock photos or images from free stock photo websites like Pixabay and Pexel. And please, always remember to read their terms of use before using their free or paid photos or images in any post on www.GiveMeReport.com . Going against such a company's licensing law may result to your been deleted from GiveMeReport Media. As a writer, we may ask you for more details about yourself. For more details about writing for us, please use the form below.

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