How to enable Tamper Protection feature in Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft introduced a new security feature called Tamper Protection that protects security settings for Windows Defender antivirus from being disabled by malware or third-party programs. With the everyday security threats, and with the need to always update your antivirus, to keep your computer safe from malware, Tamper Protection has been introduced by Microsoft for its customers safety. This feature enabled should protect your Windows 10 PC from cyber attacks.

You should know there are limitations to what this feature can do, unlike other antivirus you know. Tamper Protection will only allow Windows Defender related settings to be changed when done through the Windows Security settings screen. And this can only be possible when enabled. If a malware, or even PowerShell tries to change your security settings or Microsoft Defender preferences, Tamper Protection will automatically block the settings from being modified without your consent.

For this reason and function, Tamper Protection is an important part of the Windows 10 security and should be enabled by all users for increased security and protection from cyber attacks.

How to enable Tamper Protection feature in Windows 10
To enable Tamper Protect feature in ypur Windows 10, please follow steps below:

From the Windows Start Menu, click to search for Windows Security and click on Windows Security when it shows in the search results.                                                 

When Windows Security opens, click on the option Virus & threat protection.
At the Virus & threat protection screen, scroll down until you see Virus & threat protection settings and then click on the option Manage settings.
Scroll down to where you see "Tamper Protect" and click on the toggle switch to have this feature   enabled.                                                        
You are done! Now you can close the Windows Security window.

With Tamper Protection now enabled, your Windows Defender settings will be secured from malicious changes.

How To Enable Tamper Protection With Non-Microsoft Antivirus Software
Having a non-Microsoft antivirus software installed in your PC will be registered by Microsoft as your antivirus provider and this will disable Windows Defender feature in your PC.  This also will result to Tamper Protection and other features been disabled as well. Third-party antivirus is treated differently by Microsoft. But If you want to enable Tamper Protection while having a third-party antivirus software installed on your PC, you can follow the below steps:

Locate your Virus & threat protection settings as described in the above step. When the screen is opened, it will show you the third-party installed antivirus software you are using.  Now click on the Windows Defender Antivirus options.

When clicked, it will display a toggle asking if you would like to enable periodic scanning with "Windows Defender antivirus". Click to enable this setting and you will now have access to the rest of the Windows Security settings,        including the Tamper Protection feature.                                                      

Now follow the step 3 in the above section to finish enabling Tamper Protection feature. Enjoy and share with friends.



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6 September 2019 at 03:15

Thanks for this useful tutorial on windows 10 security. Just what I wanted.