Friday, 5 January 2018

Tillerson- I Never Doubted Trump's Mental Fitness


From Washington DC: US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, on Friday said that he has never questioned President Donald Trump's "mental
fitness" and intends to continue his office.

During an interview on CNN, Tillerson was responding to a question about Michael Wolff's explosive book that cited White House aides, questioning the President's temperament. " I've never questioned his mental fitness, I have had no reason to question his mental fitness," Tillerson said.

Anecdotes in the controversial book about Trump's alleged inability to follow briefings or read notes, recalled reports last year that Tillerson once called the president a "moron". 

The State Department denied that claim, but ever since Tillerson has been dogged by reports that White House officials close to Trump are
scheming to oust him. "I intend to be here for the whole year," he said.
Asked whether the president had given him any indication that he wants him to step down, Tillerson said: "None whatsoever."

Tillerson in his interview, addressed
the threat of North Korea's nuclear program, tensions with Russia and Iran, and his famously tense relationship with the commander in chief.

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