Monday, 15 July 2019

Download Latest Love Song By Focus Titled "Desire"

Download Latest Love Song By Focus Titled "Desire"

Silhouette of Woman
Music is indeed the cure to an emotionally sick heart, and many who understand this, are enjoying the Rhythm that comes with life. Love is a language not everyone understands and it is better understood with Music. You can't see Feelings, but you can feel it. Imagine how awesome it will be when it is expressed with Music. A young Nigerian artist who understands this language, has expressed it better with Music, sang in Nigerian Pidgin. This song titled "Desire", has some heart touching lyrics that will make that damsel say "Yes" to you. Oh my! I am in love already. I can imagine saying this line of words to her, "You are my desire". Enjoy!
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OR Download Music here.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

How To Survive SEO In 2019 Without Depending On Backlinks

How To Survive SEO In 2019 Without Depending On Backlinks

Backlinks used to be the backbone in search engine optimization, especially when you are linked to directories or websites with high pagerank. But with Google recent updates on SEO in 2019, the relevance of directory submissions and so on has dropped drastically. Before now, it was easier to be ranked high based on quality Backlinks by Google. But now, it goes beyond just building Backlinks. 

I noticed this change when my blog with just 154 Backlinks ranked higher than my competitor's, who's having about 1,823 Backlinks, on a particular keyword search. In my discovery on 2019 SEO, if you are submitting blog or website to directories, it should be on the basis of driving traffic from directories to your website or blog, and not to build Backlinks for better SEO ranking. This means it is not all about the figure. Below are tips for your 2019 SEO:

1.)Submit  to websites with high DA
It is better to connect with few websites or blogs having high Domain Authority (DA), than with hundreds of websites with low DA. When you are recognized with the big guys, you will also be seen as a big guy.

2.) Keep blog up to date with fresh and original contents 
This is one thing Google loves so much. The main reason Google changes policies frequently is to meet up customers or audience needs. As the most popular search engine, Google wants to give its users fresh, up to date news or information, with uniqueness and quality.

3.) Use long tail keywords related to your niche
Yep! You heard me right. This is one area you must pay attention to. It plays a very big role in driving organic traffic to your website. There are many long tail keywords tools online for you to use. Remember to avoid keyword cloaking.

4.) Your contents should be long and not short
Well, you may say it lies in the quality and not in the quantity. Yes you are right, but in writing for SEO, it lies both in the quantity and quality. Short content contains less useful keywords, while long content contains more keywords. Don't forget that keywords, especially long tail keywords, are the aromas that attract search engines to your website or blog posts. So, it is safer to write long contents.

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Saturday, 29 June 2019

For Nigeria- How To Block Your Stolen ATM Card Immediately With Any Available Phone

For Nigeria- How To Block Your Stolen ATM Card Immediately With Any Available Phone

Good news for all Nigerians! Now you can quickly block your stolen or misplaced ATM card with any phone, either yours or someone's. This is amazing!

Due to high or increased rate of theft, and the risk people face to move around with their ATM cards, a solution has been provided for Nigerians. There has been too many complaints from victims of stolen ATM cards, where many have also been robbed of their ATM cards at gun point. My friend in Lagos, Nigeria, was a victim of this. It is common in the society and a solution has been provided for Nigerians to help block account from any further Debit Transaction. After this, bank account owner can walk to his bank and reactivate the blocked account.

The message went viral again over the weekend and in case youyou missed the news, is bring the news to you.

The steps to follow:
1. Dial *966*911# instantly from any available phone.
2. You will be prompted to enter your Bank Account Number.
3. Once you enter the Account Number, any further Debit Transaction on the Account will be blocked. 

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List Of Domain Name Sales For Last Week Of June 2019.

List Of Domain Name Sales For Last Week Of June 2019.

The domain marketplace has been very busy with some great sales taking place. The internet world is becoming over populated, as almost all companies and businesses are going online. This calls for a brand identity. And this is where companies and businesses hunt for available domain name they can use as identity online. Premium domains are almost not available anymore. I guess we will have to wait for scholars to invent more dictionary words. 

But for now, what is more common in the domain name market is the combination of two or more words to form a domain name or twisting of name to form a new but simple word which sometimes do not have lexical meaning. In fact, this has gotten to an extend people now squat on already existing domain names e.g. becomes .Domain business is one business that can never depreciate, considering the fact that the world itself is going virtual. There is almost no domain name for new businesses or companies online.

For the above reasons, domain names are sold everyday and we have many popular domain name marketplaces e.g. Sedo, Aftergenic, HugeDomains, Flippa, Godaddy, Nidoma, etc. In our today's domain names article, we will be listing some few newly sold names together with their prices and the domain marketplace where name was sold. This data was gotten from DNJournal, the world's #1 domain name journal.

In our today's chart, Sedo got the spot with some big kills.

Sold For
Where Sold€700,000 = $798,000Sedo$100,000Sedo€79,730 = $90,892Sedo$50,000Sedo$48,216Sedo$42,000Sedo$26,500Sedo$25,000Sedo$20,000Sedo$15,000Sedo

tie$12,000Pvt Sale
tie"coupon code" in German)€10,000 = $11,400Sedo
tie"coupon code" in German)€10,000 = $11,400Sedo
tie€10,000 = $11,400Sedo
tie$10,000Sedo$9,880Sedo€8,500 = $9,690Sedo

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

5 Health Benefits Of Marijuana

5 Health Benefits Of Marijuana

With the rate of drug abuse, most people believe that Marijuana use is fatal to human life. Almost everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages. When used rightly will only give you the advantages. Marijuana is not an exception to what must not be abused. This is why in most countries, it is against the law to possess, sell or use Marijuana.

Excessive use of Marijuana causes impaired learning, affects mental processing speed, and memory. Some believe it gives inspiration. In this case, I have not got a scientific backup to this believe.

However, scientific studies have proven that Marijuana has numerous health benefits and is a cure for various diseases. And in today's article, we will only list 5 health benefits of Marijuana. 

The below are proven health benefits if Marijuana. 

1. Reduces discomfort caused by arthritis

According to research announced in 2011, Marijuana helps relieve or reduce discomfort and pain for individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This implies that Marijuana does not cure Arthritis, but it can serve as treatment to discomfort caused by Arthritis.

2. Metabolism improvement and weight loss

Research findings indicate that marijuana helps improve metabolism and sugar digestion. High sugar levels in the body are directly correlated to increased weight and obesity cases. This means Marijuana also helps with weight loss.

3. Reducing negative side effects that are associated with hepatitis C treatment

Hepatitis C treatment process is harsh and makes most people terminating their treatment early. 

The negative side effects include nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, depression and muscle aches. Marijuana helps reduce these side effects, which can last for months, hence increasing treatment effectiveness. This is one good use of Marijuana.

4. Relaxation of nerves

According to scientific research which shows that after a hectic day or doing a tough task, the use of Cannabis helps in relaxation of nerves. Low doses of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - the chemical contained in Marijuana – helps in stress reduction. However, excessive use leads to increased anxiety. Which is why many in this case, act restlessly.

5.  It helps in reducing painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that is characterized by painful muscular contractions. Research has proved that Marijuana helps in easing muscle pain. This means, Marijuana does not treat this disease, but helps in reducing the painful muscular contractions.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Google AdSense Tips: The Best Positions To Place AdSense Code For High ClickThrough Rate And Increased Revenue

Google AdSense Tips: The Best Positions To Place AdSense Code For High ClickThrough Rate And Increased Revenue

Blogging is one reliable way to make money online, and it is one good way to connect with targeted audience in a particular niche. There are many ways a blogger can make money through blogging e.g. make money through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, ads display, etc. In this article, we will be talking about Adsense under Ads Display and its positioning, for increased revenue.

AdSense program owned and run by Google, is known to be the best and highest paying ads server on the internet. Getting approved by AdSense is not easy. And after AdSense approval, more is expected to be done to earn from it, and these include writing fresh and interesting contents with well structured long tail keywords, building on your SEO to drive organic traffic from search engines to your blog, positioning AdSense code in the right position that will catch the attention of your audience or website visitors, and using the right AdSense format and size.
Best AdSense Positions

AdSense works with your website or blog keywords. It is better you display AdSense ads in the right position where it is most viewed by your visitors, and might be connected to what they are reading at that moment. We have the Text and Ads Display (with picture) AdSense ads formats. Imagine having AdSense Text ads displayed in blogger sidebar(s) with other blogger widgets. It definitely will not attract attentions as  much as Ads Display with picture would do. The best Ad size to use in sidebar is 300x600 Skyscraper.

This Ad position isn't my favourite. Sometimes as a blogger or webmaster, you should assume yourself to be a visitor and also act as a critic. One thing is certain, people visit your website or blog, not to click Ads, but to get useful pieces of info. They don't like feeling they are been used by you to make money. But when ads are placed politely and displays what readers are looking for, then, clickthrough is certain. 

Ads displayed in website header is a little more polite. It mostly comes in Leaderboard size. When a page is opened, this is mostly what readers see before scrolling down to the content section of the page. You hardly get high paying ads displayed in header or sidebar, as this is done at random using site wide keywords, and not targeted keywords. Most times, visitors don't pay attention to such ads. This header ad is more exposed to visitors than the sidebar ads. 

My favourite ad position is placing AdSense code below blogger post title and in post footer. In this case, the post keywords are used to display ads by Google AdSense. This is where long tail keywords matter the most. The Ads readers see here are mostly in line with what the post conveys. In this case, it is easier for readers to click the ads even before reading the post. I will advise you use 250x250 AdSense ad size. Also, you should use both Text and Ads display format. 

After all these, you can focus on driving targeted website traffic to your blog or website. You can read more posts about SEO on this blog.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Free Online Money Making Opportunity: Earn Financial Freedom With KaratBars

Free Online Money Making Opportunity: Earn Financial Freedom With KaratBars

Affiliate program is one popular way to make money online, either by percentage or by commission. There are many online money making opportunities, but only few are genuine. And among these, only few of these affiliate programs pay high. In most cases, you either make money online by selling products and services or by referring. Karatbars is one good example of an affiliate program that pays high. 

To Join This Affiliate Program For Free, Click Here 

Karatbars International is the new hot cake in the internet world which was founded in 2011. Karatbars company specializes in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion.

The headquarters and the logistics center of Karatbars International is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. Headquarters also co-ordinates the opening of new offices in different countries throughout Europe.

Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the headquarters of Karatbars International, and shipped daily via FedEx.

Partner Shipment Companies:

Gold Production:
Nadir Gold (Turkey),


  • July 2018

    Pre-ICO (4 July – 4 September). Application for the licensing of KARATCOIN BANK. Acquisition of a majority share of the KARATGOLD EXCHANGE. Integration of the KARATCOIN BANK COIN in the KARATGOLD eWallet
  • August 2018

    Integration of the KARATCOIN BANK COIN in the KARATGOLD APP. Finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding for the acquisition of a substantial share of the KBC FOUNDATION GOLDMINE “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar.
  • September 2018

    ICO (4 September 2018 – 4 September 2019). Begin of first negotiation with the financial market authorities with respect to the banking license for the KARATCOIN BANK.
  • December 2018

    Begin of the development of KARATCOIN BANK ATMs. Establishment of the KARATGOLD SECURITY House and conclusion of a cooperation agreement with FORT KNOX.
  • March 2019

    Begin of the development of the cryptocurrency banking software for the KARATCOIN BANK.
  • October 2019

    Approval of the KARATCOIN BANK as a fully licensed financial institution. Listing of the KARATCOIN BANK COIN on the KARATGOLD EXCHANGE. Investment in the KBC FOUNDATION GOLDMINE “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar.
  • December 2019

    Begin of the global roll out of the KARATCOIN BANK ATMs. Creation the KARATCOIN BANK CREDITCARD. Integration of the KARATGOLD PROFITCARD.
  • February 2020

    Begin of the operation of the KARTCOIN BANK SECURITY HOUSE in cooperation with FORT KNOX.
  • May 2020

    Begin of the expansion of the KARATCOIN BANK activities into other countries by the establishment of branches and subsidiaries.
  • August 2020

    Full development of the KBC FOUNDATION GOLDMINE “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar and employment of up to 700 employees. Preparation and begin of the acquisition of further gold mines.
  • Be part of the Karatbars family and experience financial growth.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Get Up To 5,000 Backlinks With These Free Backlinks Generator Tools For Better SEO

Get Up To 5,000 Backlinks With These Free Backlinks Generator Tools For Better SEO

SEO is what every website or blog needs to generate revenue and grow. But this is not complete without Backlinks. If you ask me, backlinks are like life to search engine optimization and without Backlinks, SEO will seem dead, inactive, not productive. Although in SEO, there are many known ways of building Backlinks, but many are not familiar with the word, "PING" in SEO. 

PING involves when websites or search engines are notified with your domain name or URL,  about new posts or updates on your blog or website, where it all leads to your blog or website been crawled and indexed by those search engines. As for many who have been thinking on how to get indexed by search engines easily, this post is for you. 

How Does This Work?
It is simple, with little or no effort from you, everything is done. Just like that! All you need is your domain name or URL, website or blog title (optional), email (optional) and that's all. On the PING website or tool, you will be provided a box to enter your URL, and sometimes additional box to enter website or blog title, as some submission websites will demand your website title too to accept your submission.

Each URL or domain name entered will be submitted to thousands of high profiled websites that accept free website listings, and these websites are mainly whois, info sites, directories, about us, contact us, website stats and value, and business listings. Now you can imagine where your domain name or URL will be connected to. Although some are no-follow and others are dofollow. The good news is that these websites are regularly crawled by Google not. Getting indexed by search engines has never been so easy.

Below are free website submission services for faster indexing, more website traffic and better rank on all search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and much more.
This is a free website submission toolthwt gives up to 1,672 free Backlinks automatically. No registration is needed.
This is also a free website submission service that is similar to PingMyURLS. It submits your domain URL to 1,683 directories, profile sites, whois sites, etc. To submit your site, you will neefree-backlinks-generator
Similar to Pingmyurls and pingmylinks, have your domain name submitted to 1,690 directories and other sites for Backlinks.
This free Backlinks generator tool creates 55 pages about your domain name and gets you about 55 Backlinks for free. 
As the name implies, it is a website ping service that pings your website or blog to 2,470 valuable websites pages, to create Backlinks and drive crazy website traffic to your blog or website.
Have your ULR automatically pinged to 2,400+ different websites for free.

Other useful ones are:

After having your site pinged by the above tools, don't expect an instant result. It can take 14 days (two weeks) or even more to take effect. One thing is certain, you will get great results.

Monday, 27 May 2019

How To Generate Sales Or Leads In Affiliate Programs As An Internet Marketer Using SEO Techniques

How To Generate Sales Or Leads In Affiliate Programs As An Internet Marketer Using SEO Techniques

Online money making depends on traffic generated, but you must know that not all generated website traffic leads to sales, click through or leads generation. To make money online, what you need is not just website traffic but targeted audience.
There are many ways to make money online. The virtual world is taking over and many are generating steady income online. Some of the ways of making money on the internet are through internet affiliate programs, selling personal products or service online, blogging, etc. And also, you can earn by commission, percentage per sale, ads display, referral program or per sign up, etc. But in our today's article, we won't be talking about ways to make money online.

About 85% of organic traffic generated to a product or service page leads to sales or clickthrough. So, as a blogger or webmaster promoting an affiliate program or products or service on your blog or website, do not go for population but targeted audience. And the best way to get the right visitors to visit your product or service page is to use long tail keywords related to your products or services.

How Does This Work?
I will use myself as a potential buyer. If I search for "SEO service company" on Google or any other search engine, two things are involved, and it is either I want to buy an SEO service package from an SEO company or I want to know more about SEO service companies. 

It will be of double advantage to a blogger or website owner who has a page written about SEO service, with similar long tail keywords " SEO service" or "SEO service company" in his post, and he also displays Google AdSense. This means, I will either buy an SEO service package through this page or make a clickthrough the AdSense ads on SEO, as AdSense displays most ads based on keywords.

Where Can I Generate Long Tail Keywords For Free?

There are tens of free and paid long tail keywords tools online, but only a few are good enough to use. I personally use UberSuggest and InstaKeyWords, as they are hundred percent free to use. Though there are many good tools, but these are my favorites. In one of my next posts, I will list the best free and paid long tail keywords tools.

IN A NUTSHELL: You will need a page, blog or website to enjoy the power of long tail keywords. Do you want a blog, designed like Givemereport on Blogger platform? This will enable you write a post about a product or service, and also use product or service related keywords, display product or service banner in any part of your blog e.g. banners in sidebar, below post title, below post body, in page footer and so on. Connect with your targeted audience via blogging. Contact us for more info. 

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Sunday, 26 May 2019

List Of Top High PR 8 - PR 1 Dofollow Blog Commenting WebSites List For Backlink And Traffic

List Of Top High PR 8 - PR 1 Dofollow Blog Commenting WebSites List For Backlink And Traffic

Everyone is talking about website directory submission as if it is the most effective link building technique in SEO. This has caused many to focus on only this method. There are many ways to get backlinks and directory submission is one of the ways. And in my today's article, I will be talking about blog commenting, which is one of the most effective ways to build great and friendly backlinks for your site.

1 Free High PR 8 Blog Commenting Site

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.movabletype.org8Click Submit

1 Free High PR 7 Blog Commenting Site

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.blogs.com7Free Submit

3 Free High PR 6 Blog Commenting Sites

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.problogger.net6Free Submit
2.http://www.searchenginejournal.com6Free Submit
3.http://weblogtoolscollection.com6Free Submit

16 Free High PR 5 Blog Commenting Sites List

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.blogtrepreneur.com5Free Submit
2.http://www.basicblogtips.com5Free Submit
3.http://www.btemplates.com5Free Submit
4.http://www.bloggingbasics101.com5Free Submit
5.http://wwww.comluv.com5Free Submit
6.http://www.dailytekk.com5Free Submit
7.http://www.justcreative.com5Free Submit
8.http://www.jdavidmacor.com5Free Submit
9.http://www.kikolani.com5Free Submit
10.http://www.mattcutts.com5Free Submit
11.http://www.mackcollier.com5Free Submit
12.http://www.pmpnews.com5Free Submit
13.http://www.searchenginepeople.com5Free Submit
14.http://www.seobythesea.com5Free Submit
15.http://www.blogussion.com5Free Submit
16.http://www.wprecipes.com5Free Submit

20 Free High PR 4 Blog Commenting Sites List

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.blondish.net4Free Submit
2.http://www.bizchickblogs.com4Free Submit
3.http://www.bloggodown.com4Free Submit
4.http://beerbloggersconference.org4Free Submit
5.http://www.buildbookbuzz.com4Free Submit
6.http://www.blogtrafficexchange.com4Free Submit
7.http://www.brsoftech.com4Free Submit
8.http://www.exeideas.com4Free Submit
9.http://www.shoutmeloud.com4Free Submit
10.http://www.steamfeed.com4Free Submit
11.http://www.seowizz.net4Free Submit
12.http://www.socialinsights.com4Free Submit
13.http://www.techgyd.com4Free Submit
14.http://www.tomfanelli.com4Free Submit
15.http://blog.ziprecruiter.com4Free Submit
16.wordpress-web-design.com4Free Submit
17.http://www.seowizz.net4Free Submit
18.http://www.weblogbetter.com4Free Submit
19.http://www.blogtap.net4Free Submit
20.http://www.techtricksworld.com4Free Submit

18 Free High PR 3 Blog Commenting Sites List

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.allbloggingtips.com3Free Submit
2.http://www.bigfootwebmarketing.com3Free Submit
3.http://www.bloggingwithoutablog.com3Free Submit
4.http://www.dbjackson-author.com3Free Submit
5.http://www.daintymom.com3Free Submit
6.http://www.epreneur.tv3Free Submit
7.http://www.emoneymarketing.com3Free Submit
8.http://www.extremejohn.com3Free Submit
9.http://www.moonsteamdesign.com3Free Submit
10.http://www.probloggingsuccess.com3Free Submit
11.http://www.rankmetric.com3Free Submit
12.http://www.superbloggingtips.com3Free Submit
13.http://www.smartbloggerz.com3Free Submit
14.http://www.technologytosoftware.com3Free Submit
15.http://www.technologytosoftware.com3Free Submit
16.http://www.webgnomes.org3Free Submit
17. Submit
18.http://www.webuildyourblog.com3Free Submit

20 Free High PR 2 Blog Commenting Sites List

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.another-blogger.com2Free Submit
2.http://www.bloggingwp.com2Free Submit
3.http://www.boxertechnology.info2Free Submit
4.http://www.blogorida.com2Free Submit
5.http://www.blogpreneurs.com2Free Submit
6.http://www.bloggingtips.com2Free Submit
7.http://www.dollarsblog.com2Free Submit
8.http://www.dollarsperday.net2Free Submit
9.http://www.dessky.com2Free Submit
10.http://www.exceptnothing.com2Free Submit
11.http://www.geekblogtips.com2Free Submit
12.http://www.internetdreamz.com2Free Submit
13.http://www.learnblogtips.com2Free Submit
14.http://www.mystudiokiko.com2Free Submit
15.http://www.papablogger.org2Free Submit
16.http://www.seoallrounder.com2Free Submit
17.http://www.techiesight.com2Free Submit
18.http://www.trickiezone.com2Free Submit
19.http://www.webtutorialplus.com2Free Submit
20.http://www.whoismikehobbs.com2Free Submit

18 Free High PR 1 Blog Commenting Sites List

NoBlog Commenting SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.bloggingways.net1Free Submit
2.http://www.bloggergo.com1Free Submit
3.http://www.boltonhitech.com1Free Submit
4.http://besttipsforblogging.com1Free Submit
5.http://www.bloggingfor.info1Free Submit
6.http://www.daddydewberry.com1Free Submit
7.http://www.grovetimes.com1Free Submit
8.http://www.goodblogs.com1Free Submit
9.http://www.infinitixglobal.com1Free Submit
10.http://www.linkometric.com1Free Submit
11.http://www.mybloggerclub.com1Free Submit
12.http://www.makemenoise.com1Free Submit
13. Submit
14.http://www.technograte.com1Free Submit
16.http://www.teckilla.com1Free Submit
16.http://www.tcldaily.in1Free Submit
17.http://www.techvela.com1Free Submit
18.http://www.wheelchairboy.info1Free Submit