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How To Unsend An Already Sent Email In Gmail

How To Unsend An Already Sent Email In Gmail

One wonderful thing about email is that it gets delivered instantly, with no delay. But this can sometimes be a problem. Imagine a case where you sent the wrong document to your boss via gmail or you mistakenly sent a message meant for your wife to the wrong person. In this case, reverse is the answer. For the Gmail users, there is good news for you.

If you’re a Gmail user, there’s a quick and effective way to recall a sent email before the worst can happen. The feature helps bring back the email — keeping it from appearing in the recipient’s inbox. Follow this procedure to use the feature on both mobile and the web.

1. You Need To Verify Your ‘Unsend’ Settings
Although Google has made this a standard feature, which means it’s now always on in Gmail, you’d still need to check the settings to be sure it’s properly customized.

First, sign into your Gmail account . Now select the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and from this menu, you should select ‘Settings’.

2. Make adjustments where necessary
All the special features you can activate or adjust in Gmail can be located in the ‘Settings’ menu. Scroll down the ‘General’ tab till you get to the ‘Undo Send’ section. This is where you’ll find an option to adjust the ‘Send cancellation period’. You can choose for up to 30 seconds (in an increments of 5 seconds or more) to be how long you have to be able to recall an email.

Five seconds isn’t very long for you to quickly hit the unsend option if you have made a mistake. If you ask me, 20 to 25 seconds is safer. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Settings’ section and save your changes once you’re done.

It’s important to act quickly in recalling an email, as some people once they receive a notification will go ahead to read the message — in a case like this, so sorry because there is no remedy after your sent email is read.

3. Test the changes
Now that you’ve made your preferred changes, it’s time to test the service out. Hit ‘Compose’ and send a quick email to yourself.
At the lower left corner of your Gmail window, you’d see a ‘sent’ notification pop up there that says “Message sent” — giving you options to view the message or create a new one. Between those options will be the ‘Undo’ option.

The ‘Undo’ option will stay visible until your cancellation time elapses. After that you can’t recall the email anymore. So, be fast to make decision.

On iOS or Android, recalling emails is just the same as it is on the web browser. You’ll see the option to ‘Undo’ a sent email at the bottom-right side of the screen after sending an email. Tap that button, and you should be good to go. Be sure to act fast as the button will only show up for a few seconds. 

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Promo! Promo! Buy A Plot Of Land In Lagos State Nigeria.

Promo! Promo! Buy A Plot Of Land In Lagos State Nigeria.

Lagos state is the busiest and most industrialized state in Nigeria. With the only functional Seaport in Nigeria located in the state, and with the country's international airport located in the state, this has attracted many foreign investors to Lagos state. With land placed on high demand in the state, many are buying plots of land for future sake. If you are thinking of investing in Nigeria, or you need a land to build on, then this is one big opportunity to become a land owner. The below is an offer for you to own at least a plot plot of land at cheaper price, compared to some lands that cost hundreds of millions of naira to own. 

Welcome to Destiny gardens estate – a lovely estate in the heart of Ibeju – Lekki by Lepia Town few minutes drive from Lekki Free Trade Zone. This estate is devoid of any omo-onile (street hooligans) interference and is free from government acquisition. Due to its fantastic location, this estate is a top choice for those looking for a secure and classy living in a great location in Lekki.

DESTINY GARDENS PHASE 1 was conceived out of the urgent need to provide a suitable and conducive site for home seekers and investors alike. People who are highly discerning with a sense of quality consciousness and a shrewd business mindset.

This Land is with Govt. Excision

More interesting is the fact that this beautiful estate is in proximity to the following ongoing Mega projects:
1. New International Airport
2. Deep Sea Port
3. Free Trade Zone (free from tax)
4. Dangote Refinery
5. Pan African University permanent site
6. Industrial park
7. Several gated estates/ foreign companies etc.

Check out some of the site views below:

Why Should You Buy into this Estate?
– Lands are in estates owned and registered with the Lagos State Govt.
– No encumbrances
– Properties are at various stages of documentations
– No prototype, but no sky scrappers
– Estate development is on a 5 year plan
– No deadline on when to start building, but you must continue to clear your plots to avoid rodents and reptiles for Residents
– Dangote Refinery
– Estates are strategically located for max value and appreciation
– Lagos State has just signed a contract with Dubai smart city to create the first Smart City in Africa in that area.
– When you buy now and keep it, big investors and business men will come to buy with 200 – 500% increase in the 36months. For foreign investors, this is an opportunity to own a land in Nigeria and in the most busy state in the country at cheaper price.

– OUTRIGHT PRICE: ₦7,500,000 Per plot
– Title: Govt. Excision

• Access road to the estate
• Security post
• Perimeter fencing
• Sports Centre
• Lands Centre
• Shopping Centre
For enquiries please WhatsApp +2348138381080 or call me on +2348138381080. You can also email me on or contact me via this blog.

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Real Madrid (1) Vs Ajax (4), Very Poor Performance From Solari And Not From The Players

Real Madrid (1) Vs Ajax (4), Very Poor Performance From Solari And Not From The Players

All over Europe, no team has won the champions league more than Madrid and no European team has done what Real did in the last three recent Champions league, by winning the trophy three times consecutively with the same team of players. But in today's game against the Holland team, Ajax, it all went soar under Real's acting manager, Solari.

One thing is for sure, a team's performance in league is different from that in champions league. Also, it is not compulsory as a manager, to use the same players you use to play league to compete in the UEFA champions league. In a case like this, I believe experience should come first. 

In Yesterday's match against Ajax, Real looked too rigid with no flexibility in the midfield. The work was too much for Modric, and this prevented him from flowing with the game.  In the absence of Isco, there was no flexibility in the midfield. What about Marcelo, who used to play the left wing for Real. This talisman had his time in the bench. In the absence of captain Ramos, Marcelo should have been in that match. This would have added more confidence to the defense and strength to Real's attack. 

There was no connection among Real's players. Ajax players were more connected in the game. If Solaris had worked with Bale, Isco and Marcelo, perhaps things would not have gone soar. Working with same team who won the UEFA league three times consecutively, would have made the job easier, even with Solari's tactics. 

For the Madrid fans, who would you blame for the defeat, Solari or the players?

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Health Benefits Of Eating Guava As It Is Very Rich In Vitamin A And C And Other Nutrients

Health Benefits Of Eating Guava As It Is Very Rich In Vitamin A And C And Other Nutrients

Guava is a tropical fruit, loaded with nutrients and very rich in vitamin C. It is 10 times richer in vitamin A than lemon and 4 times richer in vitamin C than orange. Guava exists in different or various assortments, in white, pink, yellow and even red shading.

These astonishing natural organic products have been known for their sweet and tart flavor for quite a long time, however they can likewise be utilized in various diverse ways, and are even viewed as “enchanted”, because of the variety of supplements and restorative employments.

Guava is unbelievably wealthy in vitamin C, and it contains multiple times more vitamin C than a normal estimated orange; and multiple times more vitamin A than a lemon. Its high vitamin C content obliterates free radicals and counteracts oxidation, bringing down the danger of degenerative illnesses. 

In addition, guava is very rich in iron, folate, potassium, magnesium, vitamins E and B2, phosphorus, manganese, copper, calcium and has very nearly multiple times more fiber than an orange. 

According to Dr. Axe, 100g of guava fruit has:
40 mg of phosphorus
22 mg of magnesium
417 mg of potassium
0.2 mg of copper
49 mcg of folate
624 IU vitamin A
5.4 g of fiber
5.2 mg of lycopene
228.3 mg of vitamin C
2.6 g of protein
14.3 g of carbohydrate
68 calories
Wow! That is quite impressive, isn’t it?

Below are some of the health benefits of Guava:

Eye Health
The carotenoids and cancer prevention agents in guava improve eye health, and keep the advancement of waterfalls and macular degeneration.

Skin Health
Guava counteracts skin harm and postpones untimely maturing. In addition, the nutrients C and A lift the flexibility and solidness of the skin.

Bone Health
The high sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus content fortify the bones.
Heart Disease
Guava is inexhaustible in potassium and dietary fiber that lower awful cholesterol and improve heart health.

Digestive Health
The high fiber content helps absorption, and treats stomach related diseases, looseness of the bowels, and other stomach related problems.

The high vitamin C content helps the assimilation of iron and in this manner counteracts frailty.

The nutrient C helps the assimilation of nutrient E, and hence brings down LDL (bad) cholesterol and expanded the HDL (good) cholesterol.

Immune System
The amazingly abnormal amounts of vitamin C reinforce the resistant framework, shield the body cells from harm, and battle illness causing pathogens.

Ready guava natural products are gentler and better for utilization. You can eat them crude, dunk them in prune powder, juice them, or add them to smoothies. Notwithstanding being a delectable and solid bite, guava substance can likewise be utilized as a baking and cooking ingredient and used in the medicine.

To enjoy all these health benefits of Guava, you should make this fruit your favorite.


Saturday, 23 February 2019

FC Barcelona: Why Ernesto V. Is Not The Coach For Barca

FC Barcelona: Why Ernesto V. Is Not The Coach For Barca

In this Messi's era, with or without a good coach, Barca still looks like a formidable and almost an indomitable team. The talisman has shown in many ways that he is the greatest of all time with his outstanding performances in almost all football competitions. Without Messi in the Barca team, under Ernesto, the team looks more like a newly promoted team with no leader. This has been proven in different games played without Messi. 

If you ask me, Barca is the simplest team to coach, as the team has a specific style of football that dominates, and they work with a particular philosophy. A coach who understands this philosophy will flow perfectly with the team to success. With this, even an average player will look like a good player. But when you coach outside of this, you will struggle with the team. And this is what Ernesto is doing.

My Reasons:

There is no player development - Since he took over the team as manager, no player has developed under him. Under the former manager, Luis Enrique, Roberto became a utility player, that could play perfectly in any position. The present lazy and fat Luis Suarez was a dangerous world class striker. The team could win some important matches without Messi e.g.  Away match against Real Madrid, where Messi was on the bench and Barca scored 3 goals without Messi on the pitch. Right now, the team is nothing without Messi because there's been no player development. This is why a player like Coutinho could not improve under Ernesto.

La Masia Is Neglected - 
Yes! You heard me right. Barca has a philosophy that guides them and La masia is the best place any player can learn this system perfectly. Sometimes I wonder why a team known for building and producing world class players from their academy will prefer to work with outsiders who know nothing about the team's philosophy. In today's away match against Sevilla in the league, when Alena was brought in, the whole atmosphere changed. In many games, he has proven himself to be the pride of the present la masia. This implies there are more of his type in the forgotten academy. 

Ernesto Does Not Know How To Change Game - When the team is not doing well in a match, Ernesto does not know who to bring in. In most matches where Barca plays against a team that plays fast football, Roberto is the wrong guy to use in the right wing, as he lacks pace and strength to keep up with the game. But in a case where Ernesto makes the mistake of starting Roberto in such a match, Ernesto finds it hard to make a change e.g. Match against Betis. In the absence of Arthur, Alena is the best option when the team needs flexibility in the midfield. Not Coutinho. 

Also, Ernesto always has issues with player selection. In the match against Sevilla in Copa del rey first leg. Ernesto used Boateng, who arrived the team just few days to the match, along side Malcolm who had sat on the bench, with no play time. He also played Semedo outside his normal position, in Alba's wing. In same match, many players played outside their positions. That match gave Boateng a bad name. That was a match without Messi, wrong players selection and many players played outside their positions.

A team like Barca, fans expect more. Sometimes, some matches results leave me wondering why a team like Barca is suffering. As a fan, what do you think?
Nigeria Politics: 2015 Prophecy About 2019 Election Might Likely Happen

Nigeria Politics: 2015 Prophecy About 2019 Election Might Likely Happen

      With quest for power and wealth, politics in Nigeria has gone sour. For this reason, every acting leader wants to use eight years before leaving the seat. Ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan's case was different as he was defeated by the present Nigeria president, Mohammadu Buhari. Before this victory, a prophecy was given on social media, which really happened as prophesied. The killings by the herdsmen was also parts of the prophecy. The below photos tells it all.

Now Nigerians, let's see if the rest of the prophecy will come to pass. There are two most powerful and most popular political parties in Nigeria, similar to the United States of America where Democrats and Republicans are the two reigning political parties. And in today's election, 23rd February, 2019, we have witnessed a very peaceful election in almost all 36 states in Nigeria. And we hope this peace continues after the result is been announced.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Woman's Foot Broken By Her Husband Because Of Her Pajamas

Woman's Foot Broken By Her Husband Because Of Her Pajamas

It is indeed a funny story. I got this from a Facebook user, as she updated this news about a woman whose foot was broken by her husband, because of what she wore to bed. According to the photo below, she was wearing a snake printed Pajamas and her one foot was outside the blanket. And her brave husband thought it was a snake. He attacked her leg and broke it. What a hero!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Finally South African Actress Motshegwa Moshidi Speaks About Her Being Fired From The River

Finally South African Actress Motshegwa Moshidi Speaks About Her Being Fired From The River

After playing a character that made Moshidi one of the most popular actresses in Mzansi, her part has kept fans glued to their seats for weeks, Moshidi Motshegwa has confirmed that she has left drama series "The River".

Moshidi played the role of Malefu on the show, a devout but firm woman who would kill for her family. It is a character that many can relate to and has made her a firm fan favourite.

While the show has entered it's second season, Moshidi told 702's Azania Mosaka that she was no longer on the cast list.
The star revealed she had left the production after apparently being told there was no longer a story for her character.

"They said they don't have a story for Malefu. It's as simple as that. That is what the producers have said. I am repeating what the producers said… I just left. I finished my job on that day and they told me they don't have a story."

Moshidi joined the series in January last year, making a much anticipated return to local screens and has no regrets being a part of the cast.

"For me, the most important thing is that I came back, I did the work and I did it at the level I wanted. I have no regrets about the work I have done."

During an interview on Real Talk with Anele last year Moshidi explained that she didn't just jump at every opportunity during her break from the spotlight because she often felt like she didn't fit in with the lifestyle of the industry.

"It's complicated, this industry. I don't fit into the scene. I remember I was working on Channel O and Channel O was always having parties. I remember standing there and going, 'You just don't belong here. This is not you. Go home'. I got into my car and went home and I've been home since," she said.

Source– TimesLIVE