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Add a beautiful RSS subscribe widget with social buttons to your blogger blog

Add a beautiful RSS subscribe widget with social buttons to your blogger blog

This is very important that you add subscription box to your blog, to help keep your readers updated by emails, on latest contents on your blog. This increases readers engagement on your blog too.

Follow below steps:
1. Log in to blogger dashboard
2. Now select "Layout" from left sidebar
3. Click Add Gadget in any part of this page you want it to appear and select 'HTML/Javascript'
4. Paste below code. (You can add any Name as Title )

background:Fff no-repeat 0px 12px ; width:270px;float:center;font-size:1.4em;font-weight:bold;margin:2px 20px 0px 10px;color:#686B6C;
background:#0084CE;cursor:pointer;  color:#fff; border:none;padding:3px;margin:0 0 0px 0;text-shadow:0 -1px 1px rgbaundefined0,0,0,0.25);
-moz-border-radius:2px; -webkit-border-radius:2px; border-radius:2px; font:12px sans-serif;
padding:2px; margin:0px 2px 0px 2px; background:#f9f9f9; border:1px solid #ccc; resize:none; box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgbaundefined0,0,0,0.1);
-moz-box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgbaundefined0,0,0,0.1); -webkit-box-shadow:inset 1px 1px 1px rgbaundefined0,0,0,0.1); font-size:13px;   width:200px; height:20px;color:#666;}
text-align:center;font-weight:bold;padding:5px;border:1px solid black;width:300px;
-moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 8px #000000;-webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 8px #000000;box-shadow: 0px 0px 8px #000000;}
<br />
<div id="socialboxbt">
<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/Givemereport" imageanchor="1" rel="nofollow" style="float: center; margin-left: .5em; margin-right: 1em;" target="blank"><img border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Z7DWRzHHGn0/UQjkp0_shDI/AAAAAAAAA-4/e9T8_PbGZ_E/s1600/rss.png" /></a>
Submit your Email Address to Get Free latest Articles Directly to your Inbox
<br />
<div class="btrixsocial_box-email">
<form action="http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify" id="feedform" method="post" onsubmit="window.openundefined'http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=bloggertrix', 'popupwindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true" target="popupwindow">
<input class="textarea" gtbfieldid="3" name="email" onblur="if undefinedthis.value == "") {this.value = "Enter email address here";}" onfocus="if undefinedthis.value == "Enter email address here") {this.value = "";}" type="text" value="Enter email address here..." />
<input name="uri" type="hidden" value="Givemereport" /><input name="loc" type="hidden" value="en_US" />
<input class="btrixsocial_box-emailsubmit" type="submit" value="Submit" />
<style class="text/css">
{border-bottom: 0px solid #E6E6E6;float: center;width: 300px;margin:-8px 0 0 0px;}
{border-right: 0px solid #E6E6E6;}
.Fadeout {filter:alphaundefinedopacity=100);opacity: 1.0;border:0;
.Fadeout:hover{filter:alphaundefinedopacity=80);opacity: 0.8;border:0;
<br /><div class="table"><table>
<td><div class="subicons">
<a class="Fadeout" href="http://www.facebook.com/Givemereport" imageanchor="1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Q8hDSuiQ4oY/UfP3MWGR4KI/AAAAAAAAAxc/uVUQS9B4gOA/s1600/btrix-facebook-icon.png" /></a></div>
</td><td><div class="subicons">
<a class="Fadeout" href="http://twitter.com/owenayuk" imageanchor="1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EzgBX_HRueU/UfP3N9XacmI/AAAAAAAAAx0/VdVrFJVGGms/s1600/btrix-twitter-icon.png" /></a></div>
<td><div class="subicons">
<a class="Fadeout" href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/Givemereport" imageanchor="1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-is8jlQvTrQ8/UfP3Mir4_ZI/AAAAAAAAAxg/Wm3hYEiddAo/s1600/btrix-rss-icon.png" /></a></div>
<td><a class="Fadeout" href="https://pinterest.com/owan_ndoma" imageanchor="1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-FlACrdB0NMc/UfP3Mz_pZlI/AAAAAAAAAxs/gVGD99Bi-xs/s1600/btrix-Pinterest-icon.png" /></a></td>

NOTE: Replace Givemereport with your Feedburner ID Replace Givemereport with your Facebook username Replace owenayuk with your Twitter Username Replace owan_ndoma with your Pinterest Username.
5. Now save your HTML/Javascript'. You are done.... Enjoy!
2019 List of best structured settlement companies

2019 List of best structured settlement companies

We will start by asking, what is Structured Settlement? The word "Structured settlements" is a legal settlement, where a defendant pays a particular amount as settlement to a plaintiff in installments over time. For example, if you win a settlement worth $20,000, you may receive $1,000 a month for 20 months or $1,000 a year for 20 years, and this depends on what is stated in the terms of your structured settlement. In some cases, the recipient will look for a structured settlement buyer to purchase all or a portion of their payments. A structured settlement company, which is also unknown as a factoring company, then pays the consumer a discounted lump sum in exchange. The consumer will benefit by this system by allowing access to money up front, and the company that bought the settlement at a discount will also benefit. But first realize how important the buyer selection process is, before making a move.
Credit: 123rf

There are large number of companies out there that buy structured settlement. Don't be in a hurry to get cash for your structured settlements. Before you sell your structured settlement to these companies, there are a number of questions that you may want to ask yourself:

1. How do the terms the company offers you favour you, and can these terms be compared with terms offered by others?

2. How does the structured settlement company treat you? Is it with friendliness, patience, and understanding, or are you been placed under pressure?

3. Do you have any reason to question or doubt the financial standing of the company? 

Below are list of companies that buy structured settlements:

- DRB Capital
- Fairfield Funding
- CBC Settlement Funding
- Oasis Legal Finance
- Novation Settlement Solutions
- Client First Settlement Funding
- SenecaOne 
- Liberty Settlement Funding
- Singer Asset Finance Company
- AnFed Bank
- Stone Street Capital
- Strategic Capital

=> Do you have any Structured Settlements company you have done business with before, that is not listed above? Please share with us via comment box below.
List of Auto insurance companies in USA with cheap auto insurance quotes

List of Auto insurance companies in USA with cheap auto insurance quotes

Are you looking for USA Car Insurance companies with cheap insurance rates and free insurance quotes? Worry yourself no more, as you can get auto insurance quotes at cheaper price in the United States in this blog post. You can speak to licensed Auto insurance agents to help find the right insurance plan.  But in our today's post, you will be doing this yourself. This post should help you to compare & save big on Auto Insurance. These companies offer insurance coverage on: Collision Coverage, Full Coverage, Liability Only, Comprehensive Coverage.

When we talk to you about insurance as American citizen, there is just no way around it, because car insurance is something you must need. It is either your leasing company, medical organization or car financing company will require you insured, or the state car insurance regulations will require you to have at least an insurance coverage. I am sure you will not want to pay thousands of dollars for vehicle repairs, property repairs, or medical costs in the nearest future. In the case of auto insurance, you're to buy an Auto insurance policy from an auto insurance company. 

How does this work?
You pay them annual premiums. And if you were to have an accident, you are to make a claim that covers your financial losses that occurred as a result of the accident.

Below are cheap and affordable car insurance companies for: 
=> Teenagers
=> Good Drivers
=> People with a speeding ticket
=> People with one accident
=> People with on DUI
=> People with bad credit
=> Low coverage car insurance
=> Medium coverage
=> High coverage

List Of Cheapest Auto Insurance For Teenagers
Do you have a teenager who can drive? Well, it is important to know that teen drivers are among the most expensive to insure. That’s because young and inexperienced drivers are at higher risk for an accident. This is almost true in all cases. In fact, in USA, auto crashes are the leading cause of death for young teenagers, and there is a 2016 stat that says, teens accounted for $13.6 billion in medical costs related to traffic accidents.

Now you see what I am driving at. Another interesting thing you need to know is, that above stated amount didn’t take property damage or damage to cars into account. The reason is teens are more likely to cost insurance companies a lot of money in the form of paying claims. So, being a teenager or having a teenager on your Auto insurance policy, is likely to raise your rates quite high.

Below is a list of cheap auto insurance for single teenagers of 17 years, for both females and males:

Company                     Average Annual Rate for 17-Year-Old Females

USAA - $4,807.54

Geico - $5,653.55

Nationwide - $5,756.37

State Farm - $5,953.88

American Family - $5,996.50

Farmers - $8,521.97

Progressive - $8,689.95

Allstate - $9,282.19

Travelers - $9,307.32

Company               Average Annual Rate for Single 17-Year-Old Males

USAA - $5,385.61

Geico - $6,278.96

Nationwide - $7,175.31

State Farm - $7,324.34

American Family - $8,130.50

Farmers - $9,144.04

Progressive - $9,625.49

Allstate - $10,642.53

Travelers - $12,850.91

Cheapest Auto Insurance for Good Drivers:

Company                     Average Annual Rate

USAA - $1,933.68

Geico - $2,145.96

American Family - $2,693.61

Nationwide - $2,746.18

State Farm - $2,821.18

Progressive - $3,393.09

Travelers - $3,447.69

Farmers - $3,460.60

Allstate - $3,819.90 

Cheapest Car Insurance for People With a Speeding Ticket:

Company                              Average Annual Rate
USAA - $2,193.25

Geico - $2,645.43

American Family - $3,025.74

Nationwide - $3,113.68

State Farm -  $3,186.01

Progressive - $4,002.28

Farmers-  $4,079.01

Travelers - $4,260.80

Allstate - $4,483.51

Cheapest Car Insurance for People With One Accident:

Company                     Average Annual Rate

USAA - $2,516.24

Geico - $3,192.77

State Farm - $3,396.01

Nationwide-  $3,396.95

American Family - $3,722.75

Travelers - $4,289.74

Farmers - $4,518.73

Progressive - $4,777.04

Allstate - $4,987.68

Cheapest Car Insurance for People With One DUI:

Company                     Average Annual Rate

USAA - $3,506.03

State Farm - $3,636.80

Progressive - $3,969.65

American Family - $4,330.24

Nationwide - $4,543.20

Farmers  -$4,718.75

Geico - $4,875.87

Travelers - $5,741.40

Allstate - $6,260.73

Cheapest Car Insurance for People With Bad Credit:
Do your know that your credit rating, especially poor credit, affects your car insurance rate as well? This is because insurance companies see people with bad credit scores as more of a risk to do business with them. You need to work on your credit score to enjoy doing business with any insurance company. 

Company                     Average Annual Rate

USAA - $3,690.73

Nationwide - $4,083.29

Geico - $4,259.50

American Family - $4,467.98

Progressive - $4,737.64

Farmers - $4,864.14

State Farm - $4,951.20

Travelers - $5,160.22

Allstate - $6,490.65

Cheapest Low Coverage Car Insurance:

Company                     Average Annual Rate

USAA - $2,404.11

Geico - $3,001.91

State Farm - $3,055.40

American Family - $3,368.49

Nationwide - $3,394.83

Progressive - $3,737.13

Farmers - $3,922.47

Travelers - $4,223.63

Allstate - $4,628.03

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Medium Coverage: 

Company                     Average Annual Rate

USAA - $2,539.87
Geico - $3,213.97
State Farm - $3,269.80
Nationwide - $3,449.80
American Family - $3,544.37
Progressive - $4,018.46
Farmers - $4,166.22
Travelers - $4,462.02
Allstate - $4,896.81

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for High Coverage:

Company                     Average Annual Rate

USAA -$2,667.92
American Family - $3,416.40
Geico - $3,429.14
State Farm - $3,454.80
Nationwide - $3,505.37
Progressive - $4,350.96
Farmers  - $4,494.13
Travelers - $4,619.07
Allstate - $5,139.02 

=> Should you find a more cheaper car insurance that I can add to my above lists, please mention it together with  Average Annual Rate in your comment for inclusion.
7 Mistakes You Must Avoid As A Blogger - These Practices Will Hurt Your Blog

7 Mistakes You Must Avoid As A Blogger - These Practices Will Hurt Your Blog

To succeed as a Blogger, there are so many blogging practices you must avoid to keep your blog clean from facing Google penalties or low appearances on search engines first page. Even with rich contents and thousands of Backlinks to your blog, if other things are not done right, your efforts will produce little results.

Avoid the below mistakes and you will see your blog in the next level: 

• Avoid Copy and paste: Google loves     original contents and it considers copy and paste a big offence. Copyright infringement is one online crime you must keep away from, if you want to have a good relationship with search engines, especially with Google. 

• Spamming with your blog URL: Be legal, polite or friendly, when leaving your blog URL in a comment on another website or blog. When you spam, it damages your online reputation. You should also expect to have problem with Google.

• Don't submit your blog to website directories with instant approval: Yes, you heard me right. Such directories are not human-edited. And so, they contain spammy links and unhealthy links. If you have your blog also listed among those spammy links, your site ranking will also be affected.

• Avoid Keyword cloaking: Loading your content with keywords, not advisable. You might feel that when you have a lot of keywords in your post, it will attract search engines to crawl and index your website or blog more often. Ha! There you got it wrong. Search engines love simplicity. Just add few relevant long tail keywords to your post and you are good.

• Avoid too many banners: Oh yes! Too many banners in your blog will cause your page to load very slow. This will drive away traffic from your blog. Not everyone is patient enough to wait for a blog that loads with the speed of snail. Many will stop visiting your blog. This means your competitors will collect all your readers.

• Place JavaScript code(s) below page: I do not advise the use of JavaScript, as it takes too long a time to load. But, if you must use JavaScript on your blog, ensure you don't place it at the top of your page. If you do, then, your blog will be very slow to load. And you know what that means.

• Avoid the use of adult words in your blog contents: If you don't want search engines to classify your blog as an adult blog, then keep adult words off your posts. This happened to a friend who wanted to apply for an online program with his blog, and it so happened that only non-adult blogs were accepted. His application was rejected several times. With my help, he realized his mistake. He had to search from post to post to fix this. And when we Google searched, we discovered that his blog has always been rated as NOT SAFE for kids (Adult blog).

One more thing, avoid BlackHat tricks.
2019 List Of Top 15 Data Recovery Services You Can Work With

2019 List Of Top 15 Data Recovery Services You Can Work With

Data recovery companies are able to resolve your data loss problems from the relatively easy drive crash to the "all is lost" data recovery, sometimes with the use of data recovery software, but only to resolve logical data loss issues such as accidental deletion or deleted partitions. 
A Data Recovery Company should only charge for recovered data. And most of these data recovery companies provide top data recovery services at affordable prices.
Not all data problems can be fixed with data recovery too. The below are data problems that will require data recovery companies to fix :

- OS upgrade failures

- Firmware failures

- Failures from faulty soldering, faulty components and other manufacturer defects

- Human error such as accidental deletion or dodgy DIY repairs

- Head crashes and other physical or mechanical failures

- Deletions, file corruption, viruses, and other logical failures

- Bad sector failures

- Damage caused by disasters such as drops, breaks, water, fire and power surges

- Any and all physical and logical failures.

What Is A Data Recovery Service?

A data recovery simply involves the recovery of corrupted or lost data or files. So, Data recovery service is a service that specializes in the recovery of lost or corrupted data. It is performed by salvaging data from failed, damaged or corrupted storage devices. A hard drive recovery company or service may use a variety of methods in an attempt to recover the lost data. They can use data recovery software tools, repair damaged drives, and use industry insider techniques to successfully restore the lost or corrupt data that resided on the storage media.

Data loss often happens with no warning and can cripple your device. In some cases, these can result in serious negative impacts on your business .Just remember that when you are faced with a data loss, there are usually three methods you can use to recover your valuable pieces of information:

- Recover from a backup – Performing periodic backups can save you a lot. And when data recovery is needed, it allows you to recover static files or at least return to the last saved version of the lost file.

- Use data recovery software – If the data you wish to recover has not been backed up, data recovery software may be able to perform a restore.

- Employ a data recovery service – In the event that you need to recover data from severely damaged devices or data recovery software is not sufficient, a data recovery service is your last option to go with at this point.

What Lost Data Can’t Be Recovered?

- Most deleted data and files can sometimes be easily recovered. However, if data is erased and the same time overwritten to the same physical storage space, it cannot be recovered in any way. What other situations can’t be resolved:

- When a smart phone has been factory reset, the data cannot be recovered.

- Apple password encryption: currently it is not possible to recover data from any iPhones and iPads that have iOS6 or above installed on them due to Apple’s password encryption. The data recovery firm must have the passcode to be able to recover the data. If the passcode has been forgotten, it’s currently impossible to get access to the media.

In the case of a head crash, the data that once lived where the platters were physically scraped is no longer recoverable.

Device firmware damage: HDD have an operating system. Seagate drives run a Seagate operating system, WD drives run a WD O/S, etc. This is termed firmware or the HDD O/S. This operating system is not the same from drive to drive.

There is some common application code, but there is unique data on them that is critical for user data access. The drive is calibrated in the factory after assembly, and it is measured for uniqueness. These calibrations are known as
adaptives . Many of them live on the platter in a low density area of the disk that also contains the bulk of the HDD O/S. Damage to this area can make recovery of part of the disk impossible.

2019 List Of Top 15 Data Recovery Services You Can Work With:

- Ontrack Data Recovery
- DriveSavers
- Gillware
- Seagate In-Lab Recovery
- SalvageData
- Secure Data
- WeRecoverData
- Disk Doctors
- DataTech Labs
- Data Mechanix
- Qubex
- Desert Data Recovery
- DataRecovery
- Platinum Data Recovery 

Note: There are more data recovery softwares or companies out there you can work with. If your favorite data recovery service is not among my top 15, please drop it in your comment below and I will add it under "More Data Recovery Services You Can Work With".
How To Generate Sales Or Leads With Sponsored Contents

How To Generate Sales Or Leads With Sponsored Contents

Internet marketing business is one lucrative way to make money online as an affiliate marketer, by selling products or services to targeted audience inna particular niche. Although, many affiliate marketers are familiar with the other ways of marketing and generating sales, of which you do not need to study an internet marketing course before you can know about them e.g. banner display, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing and so on. But only a few understand the power of Sponsored contents.

To some affiliate marketers, email marketing has generated more sales than any other online marketing method. And if you ask Mr. B, he might tell you that social media marketing works better. But if you ask me, I would say with the exception of Sponsored content, any other internet marketing method works better online when you are connected to your targeted audience. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer that is promoting health products on Weight Loss via email marketing. Your chances of reaching and connecting with potential customers or buyers who are: 

(1) fat 

(2) not comfortable with their looks or body shape 

(3) ready to work on their weight 

(4) capable of buying your weight loss product - are very slim. This could lead to a very poor sales. It is almost the same with most internet marketing methods. This is where Sponsored contents stand out.

How Is Sponsored Content Better?

- It increases your brand visibility online.
- It connects your product or service with the right potential buyers.
- It exposes your product or service to hundreds of search engines. This is more like double marketing, as search engines will help drive unlimited number of potential buyers to your product or service webpage for free.
- Buyers understand your product or service and connect better with you, as this will be presented in details to your loyal readers as a written content.

How to generate sales with sponsored content

- Do not sound like a marketer with your product or service content.

- Provide solution to readers with your content. Internet users constantly search the web for solutions to one problem or the other. If they need to buy any product, they would probably go to the store down the street, just a stone throw. But if you want them to buy your product or service instead, then you will have to convince them that your product or service can solve their problems better and faster, possibly at cheaper rate. Do not be too promotional with your content.

- In your content, use relevant long tail keywords that are related to what you offer. Insert those keywords very close to the top of your written content and do not cloak your content with too many keywords. 

Imagine you are offering an internet marketing tool or SEO service and you have a written content on "How to drive crazy traffic to your website or blog with link building". When an internet user searches the web on how to get traffic to his website or blog for free, and he stumbles on your content on website traffic. The chance is high that after reading your tips, he might pay for your SEO service to make his work easier. Also, if your tips are helpful enough, he might as well share your content with friends who might also be potential buyers.

The keyword, " How to", is one of the most searched keyword online. This means that people are constantly seeking solutions online. If you can be a solution giver online, you will be a big time online money maker.

=> I am only making common sense here and I hope this was helpful. Don't forget to share this tips with friends.
How To Create A Free Privacy Policy Page For Your Blogspot Blog For Free

How To Create A Free Privacy Policy Page For Your Blogspot Blog For Free

Do you already have a blog on Blogger CMS? I mean, you do operate a blog on Blogger platform? And did you remember to add a Privacy Policy page? Like seriously, you should do that right now. But if you don't know how to add it to your blog, don't worry. In this post, I am going to share a complete step-by-step guide on how to create a free privacy policy page for your Blogger blog.
Before going further, you should know the importance of adding a privacy policy page to your blog.
Check out Givemereport Privacy Policy Page: https://www.givemereport.com/p/blog-page.html

The Importance of a Privacy Policy Page

You must know that Blogger itself does not require a privacy policy page, as it is not compulsory, but it is necessary. If you are blogging for business, it is imperative you have a privacy policy page to help build trust. It is mandatory to add it to your blog if any of the below activities take place on your blog:
  • Collecting user data on your blog (Email, Phone, etc.) via email newsletters
  • Showing advertisements (or using affiliate links) on your blog
  • Analyzing your blog traffic (using Google Analytics)
  • Selling products or services on your blog
  • Doing or accepting guest posts
  • Using any other 3rd party services, etc.
So then, what are you still waiting for? You need to add a privacy policy page to your blog.
No matter whether you are doing any of these things or not, I personally recommend you to add a privacy policy and a Contact Us page to your blogger blog.
I want to believe that the above points are enough to explain the importance of privacy policy in a blog. Now, let us go into how you can add a free privacy policy page to your blogger blog.
How to create a free privacy policy page for your blogspot blog
Well if you ask me, there are numerous free & paid privacy policy generators available on the internet. In this tutorial, I will be using GetTerms.io to create our free privacy policy for Blogger. It is very simple and easy.
Step 1: Visit getterms.io.
Step 2: Choose a Plan. Since we are creating a free privacy policy for our blog, let’s choose the Basic plan which is free. (You can choose other plans based on your requirements).
Privacy Policy Page Generator For Blogger
Step 3: Now that a plan is chosen, scroll below & enter your blog details.
Website Address: Enter your blog address e.g. https://givemereport.com
Company Name: If you have registered a Company name for your blog, then you can add your company name (e.g. Givemereport media LLC). If you have not registered any company name, then you can simply enter your blog title e.g. Givemereport Blog
State or Location: Enter the state of your residential address e.g. Lagos, Nigeria.
Policy Effective Date: Add the date from which your privacy policy will be effective. You can use current date if you want.
Check the box sayingI understand & agree to the getterms.io disclaimer and click on the "Generate Terms free" button.
Step 3: And after the above action, just click on Copy to Clipboard to copy your Privacy Policy.
That's all! You see how simple you can create a privacy policy for your blog? Now let's move to the next step on how to add this privacy policy to your BlogSpot blog.
Step 4: Visit your Blogger dashboard. Create a new page & paste your copied privacy policy in the text area and click "Publish". Your Privacy Policy page is now ready and live! 
I hope you like this step-by-step tutorial. Do you have a privacy policy page on your blog? If Yes, then how you’ve created it? Let me know in the comment section!
P.S. WordPress users can also use GetTerms.io for creating free privacy policy & terms of use.
Download Latest Love Song By Focus Titled "Desire"

Download Latest Love Song By Focus Titled "Desire"

Silhouette of Woman
Music is indeed the cure to an emotionally sick heart, and many who understand this, are enjoying the Rhythm that comes with life. Love is a language not everyone understands and it is better understood with Music. You can't see Feelings, but you can feel it. Imagine how awesome it will be when it is expressed with Music. A young Nigerian artist who understands this language, has expressed it better with Music, sang in Nigerian Pidgin. This song titled "Desire", has some heart touching lyrics that will make that damsel say "Yes" to you. Oh my! I am in love already. I can imagine saying this line of words to her, "You are my desire". Enjoy!
Image result for download
OR Download Music here.
How To Survive SEO In 2019 Without Depending On Backlinks

How To Survive SEO In 2019 Without Depending On Backlinks

Backlinks used to be the backbone in search engine optimization, especially when you are linked to directories or websites with high pagerank. But with Google recent updates on SEO in 2019, the relevance of directory submissions and so on has dropped drastically. Before now, it was easier to be ranked high based on quality Backlinks by Google. But now, it goes beyond just building Backlinks. 

I noticed this change when my blog with just 154 Backlinks ranked higher than my competitor's, who's having about 1,823 Backlinks, on a particular keyword search. In my discovery on 2019 SEO, if you are submitting blog or website to directories, it should be on the basis of driving traffic from directories to your website or blog, and not to build Backlinks for better SEO ranking. This means it is not all about the figure. Below are tips for your 2019 SEO:

1.)Submit  to websites with high DA
It is better to connect with few websites or blogs having high Domain Authority (DA), than with hundreds of websites with low DA. When you are recognized with the big guys, you will also be seen as a big guy.

2.) Keep blog up to date with fresh and original contents 
This is one thing Google loves so much. The main reason Google changes policies frequently is to meet up customers or audience needs. As the most popular search engine, Google wants to give its users fresh, up to date news or information, with uniqueness and quality.

3.) Use long tail keywords related to your niche
Yep! You heard me right. This is one area you must pay attention to. It plays a very big role in driving organic traffic to your website. There are many long tail keywords tools online for you to use. Remember to avoid keyword cloaking.

4.) Your contents should be long and not short
Well, you may say it lies in the quality and not in the quantity. Yes you are right, but in writing for SEO, it lies both in the quantity and quality. Short content contains less useful keywords, while long content contains more keywords. Don't forget that keywords, especially long tail keywords, are the aromas that attract search engines to your website or blog posts. So, it is safer to write long contents.

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For Nigeria- How To Block Your Stolen ATM Card Immediately With Any Available Phone

For Nigeria- How To Block Your Stolen ATM Card Immediately With Any Available Phone

Good news for all Nigerians! Now you can quickly block your stolen or misplaced ATM card with any phone, either yours or someone's. This is amazing!

Due to high or increased rate of theft, and the risk people face to move around with their ATM cards, a solution has been provided for Nigerians. There has been too many complaints from victims of stolen ATM cards, where many have also been robbed of their ATM cards at gun point. My friend in Lagos, Nigeria, was a victim of this. It is common in the society and a solution has been provided for Nigerians to help block account from any further Debit Transaction. After this, bank account owner can walk to his bank and reactivate the blocked account.

The message went viral again over the weekend and in case youyou missed the news, Givemereport.com is bring the news to you.

The steps to follow:
1. Dial *966*911# instantly from any available phone.
2. You will be prompted to enter your Bank Account Number.
3. Once you enter the Account Number, any further Debit Transaction on the Account will be blocked. 

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List Of Domain Name Sales For Last Week Of June 2019.

List Of Domain Name Sales For Last Week Of June 2019.

The domain marketplace has been very busy with some great sales taking place. The internet world is becoming over populated, as almost all companies and businesses are going online. This calls for a brand identity. And this is where companies and businesses hunt for available domain name they can use as identity online. Premium domains are almost not available anymore. I guess we will have to wait for scholars to invent more dictionary words. 

But for now, what is more common in the domain name market is the combination of two or more words to form a domain name or twisting of name to form a new but simple word which sometimes do not have lexical meaning. In fact, this has gotten to an extend people now squat on already existing domain names e.g. https://givemereport.com becomes https://giveme.report .Domain business is one business that can never depreciate, considering the fact that the world itself is going virtual. There is almost no domain name for new businesses or companies online.

For the above reasons, domain names are sold everyday and we have many popular domain name marketplaces e.g. Sedo, Aftergenic, HugeDomains, Flippa, Godaddy, Nidoma, etc. In our today's domain names article, we will be listing some few newly sold names together with their prices and the domain marketplace where name was sold. This data was gotten from DNJournal, the world's #1 domain name journal.

In our today's chart, Sedo got the spot with some big kills.

Sold For
Where Sold
1.Links.com€700,000 = $798,000Sedo
3.21.de€79,730 = $90,892Sedo

Bank.io$12,000Pvt Sale
Gutscheincode.at("coupon code" in German)€10,000 = $11,400Sedo
Gutscheincode.ch("coupon code" in German)€10,000 = $11,400Sedo
Kokemuksia.com€10,000 = $11,400Sedo
20.Accelerate.ai€8,500 = $9,690Sedo