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Review Policy

Review Policy

We have stern guidelines here on GiveMeReport Media when it comes to reviewing all activities , especially post(s) or article(s), and we try our best to keep it simple and friendly, yet strict. With the below overview, you will have an idea of how we go about reviewing all activities.

As A Reviewer: I walk in line with the company's goal, which is to satisfy her readers. And as editorial staff of GiveMeReport Media, our number one priority is serving our dear valued readers with the best pieces of information as we work with time to keep our readers updated.

==>Ok, How Do You Review A Writer's Work? Oh, I guess you mean, how do we review post(s). Well, first we need to understand what GiveMeReport Media is used for. It is a platform designed for writers and reporters worldwide to express their opinions, share information and knowledge, etc. And there is no restriction or limitation to any writer's opinion(s), but with an exception to anything illegal or protected by the CopyRight law. Our review process is simple and friendly. So... we do not oppose our writer's or reporter's opinions on a subject or topic. This implies that all or any opinion expressed by a writer on this blog is completely the opinion of that writer and does not have anything to do with our views here on GiveMeReport Media. But following the reports or complaints we receive from our readers, any post considered offensive will be deleted and the writer will either be warned or deleted.

==>Who Reviews Offers On Products And Services From Advertisers: As the activities on this blog site increases daily, we also work to balance the workload. And to distribute the workload among our reviewers, we have been divided into more than one department. The advertorial department reviews all products and services from our advertisers. To our advertisers, all products and services are accepted, but with the exception of anything illegal, pornography, racial, etc. And we have the right to delete advert(s) that are found offensive by our readers. Our readers are our #1 priority.