BREAKING NEWS! Erisco Foods Ltd Sacked All Workers On Friday

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The Nigerian company, known by its brand name, Erisco, is recognized by many Nigerians to be one of the best food companies in the country. It is owned by Chief Eric Umuofia, the CEO of Erisco Foods Limited.

The company boasts of about 15 products already in the market, with the company's head quarter in Alausa, Ikeja Lagos. Almost everyone knows the company for this one brand, Ric-Giko Tomato Paste, and this product has been making waves. 

If you ask me, the Nigeria economy is dependent on the private sectors and not on the government. Almost 75% of employed Nigerians are employed by the private companies. And Erisco foods ltd is not an exception to this. With population of about 184 million Nigerians, Erisco Foods Limited is paying almost two thousands workers all over the country Nigeria. This is pretty good. Considering the fact that this is a one man business.

But the worst has happened. Yesterday, 21st of August, 2018, the CEO of Erisco Foods Ltd angrily sacked all workers in the company.

According to a worker in the company, who gave GiveMeReport the news, said the CEO had a meeting with all the workers today, where he poured out his anger concerning workers misconduct the company could not bear anymore. 

The CEO said, "for long, we have been patient with our workers. We have always seen you as part of the company and we have never owed you. Even when our loss was high, still the company never owed you. But you are too blind to realise how caring we have been towards you".

" When we noticed there were some bad eggs in the basket, we were patient with you. Hoping that we still had some good eggs in the basket. But it seems the bad eggs have polluted the good eggs. And now, it is obvious all the eggs in the basket are not good. So, I have decided to empty the basket and sort out some few good eggs".

"In this harsh and unfriendly economy, I have tried to help you help your family. To help you put food on the table for your family. But you seem not to appreciate. What I expect is, you help the company grow and I pay you and it becomes a mutual relationship. But I see you people are bent on wrecking me. You are stealing from the company and you are negatively contributing to the company".

"With the exception of the accounting department and the human resources department, every other person is sacked. Your services are no more needed. But for the few people that will be called back, you should expect a call from us maybe on Monday, 24th September. And if you are fortunate to be called back, then you should know you're re-employed with new terms and conditions for you".

It is really not easy to be a leader. I guess he has exceeded his tolerance range. And his action will definitely leave many brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers jobless. No matter what, chief Eric Umuofia, CEO of Erisco Foods Ltd, has really helped many Nigerians. And I pray he shows his love one more time.
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