Fast Way To Approve Your Google Adsense

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Having Google Adsense is every webmaster's dream as adsense is the world's biggest and best Ad Network with click rates and conversion rates. You can earn up to 68% per click. Some clicks can earn you more than $10, it all depends on your niche keywords. You will definitely enjoy this when your website or blog traffic is high. How does $10,000 check sound? I could imagine the look on your face. Well, the problem is not getting the check, but getting approval from adsense.

What Do I Need To Get Approval

There are some qualities your website or blog must possess before it can be approved, below info tells it all.
>>> Google adsense likes quality and original contents. Have at least 15-20 posts, I will advise 50 blog posts to make your website appear rich in contents.
>>> Your site must get at least 50% of organic traffic from search engines. From our previous posts, We wrote on search engine optimization.
>>> Make your blog interactive enough to convince adsense that your blog is busy with traffic. I will advise to use share buttons or social networking buttons on your blog.
>>> Your website domain age. This does not really matter as adsense is after original websites contents and traffic.
>>> Gone are those days when adsense approved blogspot and some subdomains. Well, only top level domains are accepted now. I will advise you to buy domain name like .com, .net, etc.


Adsense update their policies always. I will keep you update with any latest update from Google Adsense.
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  1. can you please create a new adsense account for me? Please. reply me.

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