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Friday, 6 April 2018

Nigerian Afro song: "AYE" By Lil Brown

Friday, April 06, 2018 0

Music is indeed changing the world and adding taste to life, as
message is been passed. Afro beat, which is well known in Nigeria and
was used by the legendary Nigerian musician, Fella Kuti, is almost
used all over the world, as it speaks more about the Nigerian style of
music. Upcoming musicians are seriously in love with this style of
music. Lil Brown, Nigerian musician, is laying low the beat with his
new song titled "AYE". It is a Yoruba word which could mean "Life" or
"World". But in this song, it means Life. The song is in Nigeria
pidgin and also in Yoruba. Below is the lyrics for those who
understand the Language. You can also download this song.



Itan aye mi yeh yeh

Oro aye le o oh ehh ehh


All of my people

Them be dey hustle

All of my people

Them be dey pray for long

All of my people

Them be dey suffer

All of my people

them be dey cry for help

Na who talk say make I just dey walk, make I no chop? Eehh

Na who talk say make I drink water, make I no drop cup? Ehh! Ooooh.

How you wanna talk about my hustle. Oooh

But you no fit to talk about my hustle.


Them must to leave

Them must to go

Enemy wey no want me yet to blow.

Them must to die

Them must to burn.

Bad belle wey no want me yet to shine------ x2

Aye ope meji...... eeeehhh ---------x2

Aye ope meji o..... Le le le.........

Verse 2:

Them wanna talk

Them wanna walk

Them say believe am

He walking like a dose.

But I don't care, I don't mind anything them say sir.

I no send them cause I no pay attention to the light in the dark.

Them say see am

He be hustle hustler

Till dawn bobo he be hustle hustler

Cause we no send them ye ye yet!


Them must to leave

Them must to go

Enemy wey no want me yet to blow.

Them must to die

Them must to burn.

Bad belle wey no want me yet to shine------ x2

Aye ope meji...... eeeehhh ---------x2


All of my people

Them be dey hustle

All of my people

Them be dey pray for long

All of my people

Them be dey suffer

All of my people

them be dey cry for help


Them must to leave

Them must to go

Enemy wey no want me yet to blow.

Them must to die

Them must to burn.

Bad belle wey no want me yet to shine------ x2

Aye ope meji...... eeeehhh ---------x2
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Saturday, 24 March 2018

How To Recover Your Deleted Photos From Android Or iOS

Saturday, March 24, 2018 0
In some cases where you want to delete your ex-girl's photo, but ended up deleting your wife's best picture. Oh Jeez! I could imagine the look on your face. No problem, we are in the era where technology and ideas rule the world. Now you can Recover Your Deleted Photos with the below tutorials.
In this case, Apple has made the photo-recovery easy with their iOS 8, but when we talk about Android devices and Memory- Cards, we will have to use some third-party application to Recover Your Deleted Photos. It doesn’t matter whether you are using iOS or Android device, this post or article will help you to Recover Your Deleted Photos with no sweat.
And yea, you should not use that device if you have deleted some of the photos or files, not until your data is completely recovered. Here is the reason: when any file is deleted from your device, it’s not permanently or completely deleted from that device. Nope. Instead it releases more space to store more data.
For every activity, like when you take a new picture on your phone- it generates new data and will overwrite that space. This may make lost data unrecoverable. Don’t fret, I am here to help you out. Just follow the below steps to Recover Your Deleted Photos from your Android | iPhone and SD card.

Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from iOS | Android


You can easily Recover Deleted Photos with the latest OS version.
Step 1:  Just access your Photos App and go into your Albums.
Step 2: Now start scrolling to the bottom and tap on the “Recently Deleted”.
Step 3: Here in this photo folder, you will automatically find all the deleted photos within in last 30 days. If you want to recover any photos simply tap on the photo and press “Recover”. Here you can also permanently delete that photo from there if you want.
Note: If the photo you are looking for is older than 30 days. You should restore your phone using a saved backup on iTunes or by using any third- party photo recovery app.


You will find various apps in Android market that will help you in recovering your deleted photos along with lost data. The point is that you should try and check out which is working best for you.Android Logo- Recover Deleted Photos
But in this tutorial, I will recommend the app DiskDigger, which will help you in Recovering Your Deleted Photos. Here you can easily download this app on Google Play Store and install it on your phone.
This app will simply scan your whole device along with the SD memory card for the deleted files. Just follow the following steps to use this app:
DiskDigger- Recover Deleted Photos
Step 1: Open Google Play Store and make a search for “DiskDigger”. Just download it and install the app on your device.
Step 2: Now, open the app and tap “Refresh List” to populate the screen. And after this, select the “System” once the screen is populated.
Step 3: Right after the selection of folder, now tap “Scan Device” and here you will see a list of most recent deleted files. Just select the photo you want to recover and hit save.
Step 4: Here the app will ask you where you want to save the photo. After when you will choose its destination, your photo should appear back in your memory card or phone storage.
Note: If you are not able to recover your photos by using the app, you can also try some desktop apps like Kvisoft Data Recovery. Here this app will scan and find the lost file on your Android device. If you want to retrieve that file, you will have to buy the upgrade which will cost $70.

How to use Kvisoft Data Recovery Program:

Kovisoft- Recover Deleted Photos
Step 1: You need to enable USB debugging on your phone, you can do this in Settings > Applications > Development > Check “USB Debugging”. Make sure you have launched that program on your PC.
Step 2: Right after enabling USB debugging and the program is running on your PC, just go ahead and connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable. And then select Multimedia/Mobile Device in the notification center.
Step 3: Just after clicking on to Multimedia/Mobile Device, here look for your device by name or capacity size and tap to get started.
Step 4: Now this program will scan entire Android Device and here you will get a list of files to search through. Choose one file you want to recover and then click “Recover” and choose the path where you want to save this file.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

7 Facebook Messenger Apps For Mobile And Desktop

Monday, March 19, 2018 0
No doubt, Facebook is the worlds biggest social network and it is easily accessible on almost all internet enabled mobile phones. With all the available features on Facebook, we can share moments, pictures, send messages and more with our friends and families. The good thing is, Facebook is available on Android and iOS devices too. But unfortunately, there is no official desktop app to enable desktop users also enjoy Facebook and its features on the desktop.
 August 2011, Facebook released Facebook Messenger. The messenger allows instant messaging service along with software application. This has made chatting on Facebook more fun. This is not available for desktop users, but no problem, as third-party developers have made things easier. And in this post, you will get some Facebook Messenger Apps for Desktop and Mobile.

List of Best Facebook Messengers Apps

1) Messenger for Desktop

Price: Free
Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Messenger for Desktop- Facebook Messenger Apps
This is one of the easiest ways to access Facebook Messenger Apps on a desktop computer. Here Messenger for Desktop is a free tool for all major operating systems (OS) as it lets you do everything like making calls to friends, sending chat stickers and many more things. This software bundle is regularly checked for viruses along with other types of malware.
Don’t worry all your personal details and integrity of your operating system will never be compromised. The main advantage of having this app it can also work with standard desktop computers. This software is specially designed to work with both 32-bit and 64- bit Windows Operating System. Here it also comes with 32-bit Mac OS formats along with 64-bit option are available.

2) Franz

Price: Free
Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Franz- Facebook Messenger Apps
Here, Franz is a fantastic cross-platform tool which is an all-in-one app for many instant messaging services. From my point of view, run Facebook Messenger with Franz because it integrates with Linux well. The best part of having this amazing software is you can run multiple Facebook Messenger accounts.
Just download this program and connect to Facebook and put this program into credentials. After log-in process, you will have same Facebook Messenger as usual. Here like Facebook Messenger it also supports native notifications.
If you are willing to set up another Facebook Messenger accounts just click the Franz icon and choose the Messenger under Add New Service. You have the liberty to add as many accounts you can.
Franz is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows along with Mac OS X and 32-bit and 64-bit Linux.

3) Current for Mac

Price: $2.99
Platforms: Mac
Current for Mac- Facebook Messenger Apps
Here comes the Current for Mac as its name suggests, this software is only available for Mac users only and this is not available on other platforms. Current is more than about Messenger, as its one of the best Facebook for Macs. This awesome software comes with two special features for Messenger.
Basically, this first on is Current works from the Mac Menu Bar, due to which you can just click the little icon at any time and you will get a tiny window just to browser your Messages. But the second is the latest and cool part, as it lets you separate chat windows so that you don’t miss any message along with carrying multiple conversations at the same time while doing other things.

4) Facebook Messenger for Firefox:

Price: Free
Platform: Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
 Facebook Messenger for Firefox:- Facebook Messenger Apps
As Mozilla’s Firefox has an amazing Facebook extension. Here Firefox sidebar is customizable and the extensions are like an all-in-one sidebar that will let you make the most use of it.
Here, Firefox Messenger add-on will need you to sign-in with your FB account. Once you are done with the log-in process it will work as the mobile version of the Facebook Messenger app. With this amazing software you can make voice-calls and many more things but before accessing that features you have to accept the Terms and Condition. Don’t worry, it’s really simple to use this software along with the handy extension.

5) Facebook Messenger Panel

Price: Free
Platform: Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Facebook Messenger Panel- Facebook Messenger Panel
If you really prefer Chrome to Firefox, then here you will not get the sidebar. But here you will get an always-on Messenger window. Its all through the built-in Panels feature, here you will have to enable it before using. You will get a tiny window popup which can be used outside of the chrome.
All you need to get do is just log into Facebook and you will be able to start chatting with your friends. The best thing is that it doesn’t matter which tab you browse, Facebook Messenger Panel will be at the top or it will be minimized right where the status bar will be.

6) Friendly Social

Price: Free
Platform: iOS, Android
Friendly Social- Facebook Messenger Apps
Here the Facebook Messenger is quite good for iOS, especially with the features like Chat Heads. But the worst part is that you can only use the single Facebook account. But if you really want to use multiple accounts here then, you should use an app called Friendly Social.
Basically its a free Facebook app, which not particularly made for messenger, but the best part is that Facebook Messenger part will work perfectly. Now you are not just limited to one Facebook account, set up as many accounts as you can and switch over one another instantly.
But here you cant use two accounts simultaneously, here you need to log-out and log-in into another every time. Here you will get only account notification at one time, but here you can use IFTTT on iPhone just to get notification from many accounts.

7) Lite Messenger

Price: Free
Platform: Android
Lite Messenger- Facebook Messenger Apps
Are you fed up with allowing Facebook Messenger for many different aspects of the phone? Sometimes you are not even sure before allowing it, you may think what it needs that access or when it will be going to use it.
Here comes the Lite Messenger, which really focuses on giving you control instead of Facebook. Lite Messenger will require no access to your personal data. It supports notification, looks pretty good and comes with many magnificent features.
An example of that you can easily switch on setting that will stop another know that you have seen their messages or not. Here you will also see many other features too, so just go ahead and get started with this app on the android device.
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Monday, 12 March 2018

iPhone | iPad - How To Easily Create A New Apple ID

Monday, March 12, 2018 1
Manage Apple ID- Create a New Apple ID
iPhone has one of the most advanced tech. Everyone desires to have one, but not everyone understands all its functions. Having an iPhone and still don’t know to create Apple ID, don’t worry. The solution is cooked and served for you on this blog. Apple ID makes it possible for you download apps or contents from iTunes and App Store. Without having Apple ID is like having a mansion with no keys to the locked rooms.
With the Apple ID, you can sync reminders, calendars, download music from iTunes and apps from App Store. It’s not compulsory you sign up for an Apple ID before you can use that Apple phone. It only means you will miss all its magnificent features. So, this tutorial will show you how you can Create a New Apple ID easily on your iPhone | iPad.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.3 or later

Below are the simple steps:
  • Simply, launch the Setting App
  • Tap Sign in to your iPhone right at the top of the screen.
  • Now, tap on Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it.
  • Just click on to the Create Apple ID
  • Enter a Birth Date
  • Tap to Next
  • Now enter your First and Last Name
  • Tap Next
  • Now, select your current email address or get a new iCloud email address
  • Enter your email address
  • Create a Password
  • Just Verify the Password
  • Select a Security Question
  • Type in Answer
  • Repeat the last process two times
  • Now, Agree to Terms and Condition
  • Tap Merge or Don’t Merge to sync iCloud data
  • Tap OK to confirm Find My iPhone is turned on

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.2 and earlier

Follow these simple steps: 
  • Simply, Launch the Settings App
  • Tap Sign in to your iPhone right at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?
  • Just Tap Create Apple ID when the windows pop up
  • Enter a Birth Date
  • Tap Next
  • Now enter your First and Last Name
  • Again Tap Next
  • Select your current email address or just create a new iCloud email address
  • Now enter your email address
  • Create a Password
  • Verify that Password
  • Select a Security Question
  • Type in Answer
  • Repeat two more times
  • Now just Agree with the Terms and Condition
  • Tap Merge or Don’t Merge to sync iCloud data
  • At last, Tap OK to confirm Find My iPhone is turned on.
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How To Change Font On WhatsApp

Monday, March 12, 2018 1

In the world, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps and it has over 1 billion downloads in over 180 countries. It is free and very easy to install as it easily sync. With WhatsApp,  you can chat, share your photos and videos, make free calls and video calls and more. Now you can also pay money on WhatsApp to your family and friends which features in UPI. WhatsApp Business makes it easier for you to chat with your clients too.  The set up requires you to grant Whatsapp access to your contacts so that it can automatically sync your contact list. There will be privacy and security to the user along with end-to-end encrypted chats.
WhatsApp is always  updated with new features and funny stuff, like you can add your stories and introduces various emojis which definitely gives more fun in chatting with your friends and family. 
For WhatsApp lovers, do you know you can change the font of the text you send on WhatsApp? Here in this tutorial, you will learn on how to Change Font Style in WhatsApp. So, lets get started.

Steps to Change Font Style in WhatsApp

Step 1: Open Your WhatsApp

Just tap the Whatsapp icon on your phone to open.

Step 2: Tap The Contacts Icon

On your Whatsapp, tap to open your contact list.

Step 3: Select A Contact

Now, select a contact from your contact list to open.

Step 4: Scroll Down And Tap Send Messages

In this step, you will have to scroll down the list and tap the contact to send them messages. It is basically located below the contacts information section.

Step 5: Tap The Text Field

Now you will have to tap the text field which is basically at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Write Your Message

Don't forget this is a practical. But you can write anything you want to send to your selected contact..

Step 7: Change The Text

This is the most important section of this tutorial. To change the font style, you will need to surround the text with specific symbols.
  • If you want to bold the text, then, add an asterisk (*) just before and after the text. For example, you want to write WhatsApp in bold, then you should write it like this 
    *WhatsApp* and remember not to use semicolons here. Enjoy!
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Monday, 26 February 2018

My List Of 10 Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

Monday, February 26, 2018 1

There is the need to make your blog or website stand out from the rest and this will require adding more unique features to your blog. WordPress has more than 100 plug-ins for its users,  and the below are my favorites that can possibly increase your blog or website traffic and revenue online. 

List of 10 Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin:
1) WP Notification Bar:
This is the high-quality notification bar plugin from MyThemeShop. This amazing tool will provide you with email option bar and text–only option bar. The good thing about this plugin is that you will get too many functions in this notification bar.
You will get unlimited color layouts and schemes and also good design with hiding the bar option.
Use the bar and show up to 18 social media show.

Unlimited notification bars
Multiple notification types
18 social service included
Custom HTML support
Multiple color support. 

2) Emoji Top Bar:
This notification bar is very useful and you can use it for different types of updates. It comes with over 1400 emojis. You can use the emoji to create the magnificent notification bar on your site. This plugin is mobile friendly and the notification
bar will be looking amazing in all the devices. You can also use it to show great offers and some other updates.
1400 emojis
Call to action
Responsive design
Customizable with the live builder

3) BugMeBar:
This plugin is simple and eye-catching notification bar. This plugin will allow your message to display in different colors.
You have the choice to set the bar according to your need and design. Enable cookies so that it does not open up again.
Set your own colors for message display
You can set cookies
Option to hide the bar
Turn on/off CS3 transactions

4) Superbar:
This is like a modern notification bar. You will get a long list of customization which takes this plugin to another level. Use this plugin more than a notification bar.
One option is there to create a beautiful login and  so that users can log in to your site very easily.

You can set video on the bars so that they will get that video very easily.

5) Hello Bar:
This is the most popular and widely used
notification bar plugin. Download, install and use it for free. You will get all the required options with all the features included. Decide to use this plugin and go to the Hello bar homepage and just enter your URL. After this, you will be taken to the customization page where you will set the bar according to your blog requirement.
You will get the real-time preview of the bar during the setting process. After the bar is completely set, you will be able to implement on your site. All you have to do is copy and paste the code directly on your site. You can use this plugin to capture the email ids of your users. A beautiful interface is set on your site.
Enable JavaScript to search for specific
domain availability
Captures email id of users
A magnificent interface
Customization page
Copy and paste customization
Real-time preview

6) DW Promobar:
This is a very useful notification bar. The best part is that it will provide the countdown timer. If you organize any giveaway or giving any special offer
on your WP site,  then this is the best option you have got to work with. This will give you full control on text messages and
the link option. This plugin covers you. You can set it for quality notification bar plugin. You should try the plugin option before going for any premium option.
Countdown timers
Control over the entire bar from text
Available link colors
Easy configuration
Contributors and developers

7) Foobar WordPress Notification Bars:
This is the most reliable notification bar and the list is incomplete without this plugin. It will give 30 options to customize according to your requirements. It has conditional logic.
Unlimited foobar
Conditional logic
Fully customizable
Top and bottom bars
Twitter and RS feed integration

8) WordPress Notification Bar:
This one is the free option available and you will get the required option and features for creating the custom bars for your blog. The implementation will be quick and effective. After the activation of the plugin, you will have the access to customize and create the design. Set
your custom message along and call to action button. Just do color implementation to match the requirement of the plugin.
Easy notification bar
Call to action
Quick and easy setup
Custom message
Choose any color to match site
I18n support

9) Royal Footer Bar:
This is the top quality WP notification bar plugin. The look is very professional and you will be amazed at the user experience. It will provide you with many magnificent features. You have the option to create a custom message to promote the special offers and giveaway. You can also use it as email option that will directly link the email of the client to you. You will have the option to set your social links in the bars.
The detailed statistics about the activity on the bars are also provided.
A/B/C splitting test
Create unlimited social footer bar
Detailed analytical bar
Full admin control
Display bar on any site

10) Notification Bar:
This is the simple and best notification bar plugin. It will allow you to create notice bar instantly. Set the tweets option, facebooks like button and many more things. The best part is that you will have the option to
set the Google AdSense in the notification bar to earn  money. The fully customizable option will be provided to you along with the front option.
Contributors and developers option
Fully customizable
AdSense on the notification bar
Facebook like button. 

With the above list, now your blog with look more unique and  beautiful. 
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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Anambra Youths Burn Down Church As Man Marries 17 Years Old Younger Sister

Sunday, February 25, 2018 0

According to report reaching  us,  a church by the name,  Dwelling Fullness Church of God, Agba, in Aguata LGA of Anambra State was set ablaze by an angry man,   after a man married his younger sister there in that church. 

Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, a mathematics teacher, married his 17-year-old sister in the church purportedly on the instruction of God, The Punch reported.

He quoted Bible verses, especially from Deuteronomy, copiously to back up his claim, adding that it discourages divorce and encourages family values and norms.

He added that he did not pay any bride price to anyone for the wedding.

The service was said to have been conducted by their elder brother, Chijioke Ezeibekwe, the priest of the Dwelling Fullness of God Church.

The groom added that he did not feel guilt, shame or intimidation, saying only God could stop the union.

However, the angry youths in the area burnt down the church but were restrained from taking further action by a community leader in the area.

The community leader, Gabriel Ezeukwu, described the union as an abomination, adding that the community would have been burnt down if it had happened in the past.

However, the eldest son of the family, Emeka Ezeibekwe, said he would never allow the strange couple to live as husband and wife.
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Herdsman Arrested With Locally Made Bullet Proof Vest And Cutlass In Benue State

Sunday, February 25, 2018 0
After a violent clash between herdsmen and farmers in Benue state, it shows that the locals or the people of the area are ready to fight back. According to report, in the course of the clash, soldiers have arrested a herdsman with dangerous weapon. 

Photo: The herdsman arrested by soldiers in Benue state
The troops of the Nigerian Army on Exercise AYEM AKPATUMA,  have continued to make significant progress in the Field Training Exercise.

It is in this regards that troops deployed in at Taraba State while on patrol at Gidan Kiya village, Ibbi Local Government Area of Taraba State, on Friday 23rd February 2018 recovered locally made pistol with one live cartridge from the village.
The troops also acting on a distress call immediately intervened in a violent clash between some hunters from the village and herdsmen in Obi Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.
Similarly, troops on patrol on 22nd February 2018 deployed at Ayilamo village in Logo Local Government Area of Benue State while on patrol at Chegba village arrested a herdsman with a locally made bullet proof vest and a cutlass. The herdsman has been handed over to the police for further action.
The residents of the areas where Exercise AYEM AKPATUMA is taking place were advised to continue to cooperate with the troops by providing useful information and to report any suspected movement by individual or group to the military or law enforcement agencies in their area.
You are please requested to disseminate this information to the public through your medium.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Colonel Aliyu Yusuf
For Director Army Public Relations. 

From writer- At least, an attempt has finally been made to tackle this insurgencies in the country. 
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